Why Financial Halo?

Why a Financial Halo Business?

If you ask most people what they really want in life, it is simply to give up their job, occupation or profession for an income that will allow them the time freedom to do what they want, when they want. You can do that with Financial Halo.

Having your own business is the great American dream for many people. It’s a way to take control of your life, increase your income, maybe ease into it part-time and then build a substantial full-time business of your own. It gives people the income they need to do the things they want; it gives them time freedom to enjoy life on their own terms. We call this living a “lifestyle by design”.

But why a Financial Halo business? The simple answer to this question is that you get the opportunity to do well by doing good. Most people need at least one of the Financial Halo services; everyone is a potential customer. And we all know that additional income is not just a compelling idea but a real need for most people. It may be that you would just like to get all your Financial Halo services for free by recovering any fees you may have paid. You can do that easily by just referring a few people so we can help them too. You will be paid hundreds of dollars for each referral who becomes a Financial Halo client.

Or you may be looking for greener pastures where those meadows are made of money. If you want to have your own home-based business and earn a few thousand a month you can do that. If you want to grow that business into a full-time income that allows you to transition from your current job, you can do that too. Most people believe that an income of around $10,000 per month will set them free from their day to day job. We will show you how to make that happen.

With Financial Halo, you will have multiple streams of income from our several “Halos” of service. These diversified profit centers keep you from being vulnerable to just one source of income. One of the best things about this business is that virtually everyone can use one of our services; and they will almost certainly know someone who can also benefit from the Financial Halo. So, word of mouth is definitely going to help you.

We all want to earn more money and to do well financially. But, equally, we want to help people in a meaningful way; contribute to our community and serve those who are the least fortunate. But despite our heart’s intentions, both time and money prevent us from being that person and doing those things. Financial Halo will help you create time freedom and financial security so you can live a lifestyle by design, not a lifestyle of circumstance where you have so very few choices. Our success system means you don’t have to explain anything to anyone; simply refer people to the company and we take it from there.

Most of us are very busy with our lives, juggling work, family, church and community commitments. Family, religion and health are extremely important in our lives life but after these three, the MOST IMPORTANT and the MOST stressful area is our financial well-being. Financial Halo is focused on this area. Almost all of us struggle with the need to create more income without having a whole lot of extra time to do so. Many people work second jobs, depriving their family of the most important thing they can give, their time. Spouses both working long hours, kids not getting the full attention that all parents want to give. Anyone planning for college expenses or retirement is well aware of the seeming impossibility of reaching those goals. Those nearing retirement are almost desperate as their ‘golden’ years appear to be rust instead. The financial pressures sometimes seem overwhelming. And aren’t most of the arguments and friction over finances?

The truth of it is that a relatively small amount of money can make a huge amount of difference. Federal bankruptcy statistics state that 90% of personal bankruptcies could be avoided with only $300 additional income per month. But even without the threat of a bankruptcy, $300 – $500 extra each month means having a nicer place to call home; a better, more dependable car; having your spouse at home every day instead of at work; taking care of medical issues instead of ignoring them. Not having your kids at daycare, not having your parents in a retirement home. It may mean simply being able to take a vacation that you have long deserved.

Today almost 4 million Americans work full time in a home business. In 2012, there were 15.9 million people involved in direct selling in the U.S., an increase from 15.6 million the prior year. The U.S. Department of Labor believes that half of all Americans will be working from home by 2025. The US Census Bureau says more than 12 BILLION working hours per year are WASTED by people stuck in traffic on their way to and from work. And, 45% of workers in North America are deeply concerned they or their spouses will lose their jobs before they retire.

With Financial Halo you will be able to have your own home-based business on a part-time or full-time basis. The huge advantage that you have with us is developing multiple streams of income from each of the Financial Halo companies that you refer people to. Diversified profit centers are a key strategic advantage to any business. As additional Financial Halo strategic partners are added you will be able to receive yet another source of income from your existing referrals and future referrals.

Financial Halo was established as a network marketing company for very good reasons. But for now, let’s consider; why have a network marketing business at all? What’s the advantage?

Why Network Marketing and the Direct Selling Industry.

The genius of the network marketing business model is that people are rewarded and incentivized for working together; you become successful by helping others become successful; it’s a beautiful thing. It formalizes a great ethic in people. It is a well established business model that has proven success and credibility. Network marketers represent hundreds of U.S. direct selling businesses, and together they generated $31.6 billion in 2012, a 5.9 percent year-over-year increase from $29.87 billion in 2011. In 2012, there were 15.9 million people involved in direct selling in the U.S., an increase from 15.6 million the prior year. With unemployment still at high levels, direct selling in the network marketing industry has become not only a supplemental income source but increasingly provides a primary income. A home business can put $2,000-$5,000 a year back in your bank account just in business deductions on your tax return.

It’s not just a U.S. phenomenon: The U.S. was ranked as the top direct selling market in the world with 19 percent of worldwide sales in 2012. Japan came in second with $22.7 billion (14 percent), followed by China at $20.0 billion (12 percent), Brazil at $14.6 billion (9 percent) and South Korea at $13.3 billion (8 percent). Global direct sales increased 5.4 percent from $158.3 billion in 2011 to $166.9 billion in 2012.

As the ultimate equal-opportunity solution, a direct selling home-based business may represent the purest form of equality through free enterprise. That’s one of the most striking aspects of network marketing as a business model: It involves men and women from all walks of life, all ages, and all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups. In today’s worldwide economic slowdown, more and more individuals are entering the direct selling, home-business space. Anyone with desire and effort can become successful.

Professor Paul Zane Pilzer has kept a watchful eye on the direct selling industry for more than 30 years. In the 1990s, this world renowned economist who has written nine bestsellers and served in two White House administrations predicted that network marketers would help make the then-emerging $200-billion health and wellness channel the next trillion-dollar industry. The success of companies such as Herbalife, Mannatech,Mellaleuca, Monavie, Amway, Nu Skin, USANA and many others have confirmed Pilzer’s theory.

As the current economic crisis continues to take a toll on people around the world and unemployment rates steadily rise, direct selling in the network marketing industry may well be the answer to a shrinking job market. Pilzer warns that too many people today see unemployment as part of the economic cycle—that when the economy recovers, employment will naturally go up. However, he says that unemployment is not a macro-economic problem. It is a micro-economic issue, typically related to a skill deficiency on an individual level. “The question lies not in economic recovery but employment recovery,” says Pilzer,. “We have a massive social problem. What are we going to do with 30 million people who are now permanently unemployed? The No. 1 social need in the United States right now has nothing to do with the economy.” It’s jobs.

The real challenge is to replace lost jobs with new earnings opportunities and provide much-needed training. The jobs that baby boomers and Gen Xers trained for years ago have disappeared. Technology has replaced millions of workers and demanded new skills that too many older Americans just don’t have. Professor Pilzer goes on to say, “Instead of focusing on new methods of training, our politicians and news media are looking at unemployment and the economic recovery as linked—and they are not because most of the unemployed people today are skills-deficient. If they are over 50 years old, they probably don’t touch-type or e-mail, and that doesn’t work in today’s economy.”

So what happens to those displaced workers? Direct selling and network marketing may have the answer. The direct selling business model has always had a competitive advantage in the training that it offers, both in business and personal skills. It allows people to be retrained while they pursue something new. It gives people an opportunity when no one else will.

The biggest need in every sector of the economy, says Pilzer, is intellectual distribution—the dissemination of information about products and services. “We have a huge backlog of better products and services that people aren’t buying because they don’t know about them. Relationship marketing is the most efficient method for the distribution of intellectual information that will improve your life. It is the ideal model that allows anyone to reach out.”

Direct selling offers people the skills and tools to create new income opportunities—to venture out on their own as entrepreneurs and grow in confidence versus being consumed by the fear associated with a shrinking job market. Pilzer says. “Technology is available to everyone at home and is even better than what you can get in a large company. When we examine the workplace, we often find outdated computers and data management systems. However, the best tools and support needed to run a home-based business are now available to individuals at an affordable cost. This makes a home-based business—and a direct selling opportunity in network marketing, in particular—very appealing.”

The fact is, as Professor Pilzer says, we are in a New Economy

We are all very different: age, gender, ethnicity, religion, married/single, parents or not. We are like a mosaic of a thousand pieces all split apart and forming no image; just pieces. The thing that holds us together, our single common denominator, is we want something different, something better in our lives. And when we pull together and let this bind us into a unified group, we fully form the image of this beautiful mosaic: an amazing picture of people coming together with a single purpose and creating an immense force for good in our world.

So, the first thing is, understanding why network marketing is a better way. Some people are involved in network marketing and still don’t really totally have that into their DNA; why it’s a better way than what everybody else has out there.

Most people don’t realize we’re living in a new economy. This isn’t a down economy, it’s a new economy. This isn’t a recession or a depression, it’s a new economy. The changes that have happened are fundamental and in most cases permanent. Let that sink in.

You think the job market’s coming back? Not the one that you recognize. Think the skills you went to school with – or for – are going to serve you in this rapidly changing landscape? Maybe, but not in the way that you think that they’re going to serve you. You can choose not to participate in the recession and you can offer a life raft to tens of thousands of other people with Financial Halo.

Here’s the picture that you need to understand. There’s basically four ways that people make a living in this world.

Blue Collar Work.

One is blue-collar work. “Blue-collar work,” making things, doing things, fixing things. Blue-collar work. Trading your time for money. Thinking like that, even doctors would be blue-collar work. Dentists would be blue-collar work; they’re fixing things, doing things. And there’s a certain amount of satisfaction in that. It’s not just people digging ditches or flipping burgers. With the physical things, there’s a certain amount of reward in blue-collar work, doing something, making something look nicer than it would or did.

There’s a certain amount of satisfaction there, but can you get wealthy doing that? It’s very difficult to get wealthy when you’re trading hours for dollars. Does your body get tired? Yes. Is it sometimes dangerous there? Yes, there’s a lot of danger. Most people have had some level of blue-collar work. Nothing wrong with that, but what we’re here to talk about is how to create wealth. Can you get there with that? The answer is very, very challenging.

Corporate Work.

The second is corporate work: working for someone else, so-called white collar work. The corporate world has seen the biggest landscape change in its history over the last five years, and in the next five years you’ll see the biggest change of all of our lifetimes.

“What used to be viewed as “Safe” is really the new risky.”

The most frightening place to be today can be working for someone else. And worldwide the same thing that’s happening here in the United States and North America is happening there too.

I’m going to give you three New Corporate Facts


The implied contract between employer and employee, “If you’re loyal, if you put your head down, if you’ll just do your job, we’ll trade that for job security” is no more. There’s no such thing as job security. Not anymore. Maybe your parents had it where they were.

Layoffs in the United States alone have contributed to a real unemployment rate of approximately 20%. Actual unemployment is about ten percent, but there are people who have lost their benefits and moved in with their family. Some people are underemployed. They’re part-time not by choice and they don’t have benefits and they need to be full-time but they’re not, so they’re taking the part-time job.

If you’re 55 today, looking for a job in this economy, wow. What a miserable place to be. Imagine putting your whole life into somebody else’s business, build somebody else’s dream, and then when you want your turn at bat, when you have experience; they say, “We don’t care about the experience because you’re asking too much money.”

You think that’s about to change? Most of the jobs that were eliminated in the last two years were permanently eliminated. Most of them lost to technology, outsourcing and part-time work. Corporations are becoming leaner and leaner, reducing headcount continuously. They know that ten percent of most companies have hiders, not only hiding but distracting other people from their work.

Corporations have established internal strategies and said, “Find the hiders. Let’s make them extinct inside of our organization.” So the companies that used to have a hundred people, are now saying, “Let’s see how we do with 80. Let’s call it a temporary layoff and see how we do at 60.” They’re having meetings right now, saying, “Can we do without them? Is there any way?” It’s all about reducing costs. So layoffs are going to be a recurring phenomenon in our service-oriented world. They’re going to find ways to do with less and less and less and because of the costs of health care and benefits, they’re going to take people from full-time to part-time.

Fact #2 – Employers will do more with less.

Phenomenon number two inside the workplace is asking you to work harder for less money. Benefit reductions, voluntary income reductions. You used to get paid $50,000. Now to keep your job they offer $45,000. Or, they ask you to work harder for the same money. Instead of 40 hours, it’s 45, or 50 or 55. Overtime? Forget overtime. This is survival time. You get to stay if you give us more for less pay. Everyone is aware of employers cutting back to part-time workers because of ObamaCare.

Fact #3 – Performance Based Employment.

The biggest phenomenon that’s just starting to happen is the entire world is shifting to performance-based employment. This is not just sales anymore; it is happening at every level inside of every company. They won’t pay you by the week or by the month or by the year. They’re going to pay you a base plus bonus. If you used to get $50,000 a year they’re going to take you to $12,000 a year and let you earn back the other $38,000 if you hit performance benchmarks on a weekly or monthly basis. If you don’t, you don’t get the $50k back again. Remember: Safe is the new risky.

The third way people make money in today’s world is in sales.

Here’s the challenge with salespeople. If you’re going to be performance-based, would you rather get paid one time or would you rather get paid continuously? How about working hard for one year and get paid for ten? How’d you like to still be getting paid on the best year that you ever had? So many salespeople today in this world – everywhere in the world – are looking for a way to take their passion and plug it into a system that will continue to pay them, because you know what? Most salespeople are tired too. They’re tired of being unemployed every morning, having to do it again. They’re ready for something that they can plug into and really believe in! They want to believe in something that is real, and it’s not just a deal. It’s not just a project. It’s a real escape to a far better place.

The last way to make money is traditional business ownership. Traditional business ownership could be considered business bondage.

You all know what that’s like. The leases and the overhead and dealing with the economy and employees and obligations and taxes and government regulation. Increasing expenses, ongoing investment. Most people in small business would just like a return of their investment, not on their investment

Then you know what? It’s not even fun or satisfying. They took the thing that they were good at, the thing they enjoyed, and don’t get to do it anymore because they have to be an accountant and a lawyer and a bookkeeper, an employer of people that also does the marketing of the business and also be an entire HR department just to keep up with it. That’s a lot for one person! What if you had a business where most of the heavy lifting was done for you? Some people think this is franchising.


Another form of business ownership is franchising. You buy a franchise for infrastructure, not having to build the business; just kind of walk in and start working it. You know what a franchise will charge you for the access to infrastructure? They’ll keep you shelling out lots of money forever! You get to spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars so you can maybe make $40,000 a year; $75,000 if you’re lucky. But it’s turnkey, right? Nothing to figure out; just follow the plan; they have the infrastructure. And you pay and you pay and you pay and still have all the problems of a business owner.

Here is a clear and simple statement: Network Marketing is the best choice.

It may be the first time in your life that you are paid what you’re worth. MLM has the greatest story in the history of the world and people apologize for it on a regular basis. They will actually tell people, “Yeah, this is something you could do outside of your real job.”

You have to step into a different posture. We are “rescue people”. You know what we do every day? We rescue people from desperate lives, whether or not they’re willing to admit it to us in the first conversation. To admit your weakness is dangerous in the corporate world

You need to know that we do have the answer; we do have a better way. You have to remind yourself of that every moment of every day until it becomes a muscle, not just a thing you say. It’s not just a way to make a few extra dollars. It’s freedom. This is the escape plan.

You can leverage your way to freedom.

Do you realize what network marketing offers? The infrastructure’s done, the rules and regulations are done, the investments are done, the millions have been paid by somebody else, and you are in essence the operator of that infrastructure without having to spend a penny into it. But the principle’s the same: your ability to leverage a system that’s already in place. You just bring your passion and commitment. Oh, sure, you’re going to have to learn new stuff. But all the mentors and trainers have a vested interest in your success. Bring your passion, bring your fire, bring your coachability, bring your leadership. Here you have an opportunity to build around the world. You are accountable to only yourself.

Network Marketing is built to last.

When all is said and done, you know what happens in MLM? We build a network. That is the entire focus. It’s not about recruiting, it’s not about selling, it’s building a distribution network of like-minded, success-oriented people; each of whom help distribute a credible, legitimate product or service. The network can make a place for everything that you want to do.

We encourage you to become a network marketing professional. We are people that don’t ever have to get lucky. You can drop a network marketing pro out of a parachute anywhere in the world and they’d very quickly have another network growing in that market of the world. No problem. Piece of cake. This is what we do. Your Job, should you wish to accept it: Become a master at every element necessary to build a successful Team. The best part; we will teach you everything you need to know and provide everything you need to have to reach your goals. The only thing you bring is your commitment to yourself and the persistence to not quit.

Here’s the secret: treat your business like a business. Just because you operate it out of your home doesn’t mean it’s not serious. Have a business plan, execute the plan on a part-time or full time basis but get busy. In one year your life can be so amazingly different and the only trick is to get serious, get busy and don’t quit.

Here’s what you say to yourself:

Network marketing provides me with a unique opportunity to create a business with low start-up cost and with very little risk. I can work it part time until it takes over the income I receive from a job. I can build a recession-proof business with no employees, no overhead and no inventory. I am in business for myself but I have many others who have a vested interest in my success. I can live and work anywhere I want, always be around positive people and I have an ongoing personal development plan. I can do what I want, when I want, where I want and enjoy an adventurous lifestyle. I can create financial security and show others how to do the same. I can help others live a better life with a business that is not tied to where people come from, whether it’s the Ivy League schools or the farm or a city worker. My business plays no favorites; it treats everyone the same but rewards those who perform. This is network marketing and it gives me a lifestyle by design.

Over the next several years, you’re going to see a wave of people coming into network marketing like never before. The next ten years is the golden time of network marketing around the world because the rest of the marketplace and the rest of the workplace looks broken but at best it’s uncertain. We’re the only safe haven that exists in the tsunami that’s wiping out the workplace in every single sector of the world.

Finally, to be sure, there are people who think Network Marketing isn’t a good career choice. There have also been people who thought cell phones were unnecessary, Blockbuster video was forever and Facebook was a joke. Big money in this life is found in recognizing a trend and being smart enough to position yourself in front of it before it becomes obvious to everyone. Most people don’t have the resources to get in front of BIG trends. In Network Marketing, that isn’t true. It’s the average person’s best shot at real wealth.