Training & Support

The Financial Halo success system of training and support is based on the premise that you should not have to do any explaining to any prospective customer or business Associate. Your business building efforts should be simple and easy so that you can have the time each day to be as productive as possible in your steps to build a growing, profitable business.

Financial Halo provides the tools and resources that allow you to have our message delivered effectively to anyone interested in the Halo Services or business opportunity. Your success will be measured by how many people you can invite to view and hear these messages about the Financial Halo suite of services and the business. You are not in the selling or the convincing business, you are in the inviting business!

Invite people to the marketing messages that the company has provided for you; these are found on your websites, weekly webinars, your Associate marketing systems.

Your own websites. You have two websites, one for customers that showcases the Halo & MedXPrime Services and another that features the business opportunity for future business Associates. These websites do all the explaining for you with great videos and complete descriptions of each service. This allows you to use social media, internet marketing, email and the good old telephone as the essential tools to get people to your websites. We also encourage you to meet people one-on-one or in small groups to introduce them to your website and to view the videos together with them. And while you should always be prepared to answer any questions they may have, you should never feel like you have to be the absolute “know everything” pro.

The advantage to a system like this is when people see it and appreciate the simplicity, power and potential that Financial Halo offers, they will also recognize how easy this business can be. A success system like this will encourage them to join you.

Recorded Webinars – Live Training. You will have compelling recorded webinar presentations to share with prospective customers and business associates. Simply invite people to view these video’s at their convenience, 24/7. Schedule your follow-up with them after they see the webinar and ask, “What did you like best? “And, each week we will deliver a concise and compelling training webinar presentation that gives you key tips, techniques and best practices to build your business.